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icyndi wisdom #30: “Rules and regulatio

icyndi wisdom #30: "Rules and regulations in earlier years that gave me comfort and stability ~ seem almost unnecessary in life now."

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icyndi wisdom #29: “Fighting with peopl

icyndi wisdom #29: "Fighting with people you love, never solves anything, but it destroys tender affections."

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icyndi wisdom #28: “The older you get ~

icyndi wisdom #28: "The older you get ~ the more you appreciate your mother and what she did and does for you."

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Are You being Bullied by a Bully/Verbal Abuser? (here’s how to tell)

CATEGORIES OF VERBAL ABUSE 1. Withholding 2. Countering 3. Discounting 4. Verbal abuse disguised as jokes 5. Blocking and Diverting 6. Accusing and Blaming 7. Judging and Criticizing 8. Trivia [...]

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icyndi wisdom #27: “Children and their

icyndi wisdom #27: "Children and their funny little ways, while you are raising them, become a delight to remember when you are old."

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icyndi wisdom #26: “Babies and children

icyndi wisdom #26: "Babies and children are precious. Treat them with love, gentleness, and wisdom ~ and they will always obey and adore you."

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