A Prophetic Call—Esther It’s Time

A Prophetic Call—Esther It’s Time   There is a prophetic call going forth for the end times bride to take her rightful place in the throne room of the king. It is time for Esther to display her beauty for the king. Once again the nation of Israel is on the verge of annihilation as a people. The spirit of Haman (destruction) is raising forth its ugly head. Plans are set in motion, God has revealed the plot through the Holy Spirit, Mordecai and the counter move is already set in motion.   Esther, you have been chosen from birth for this day, taken from being an orphan and adopted by the Holy Spirit….You have come into the kingdom for such a time as this…You have come through the spirit of rejection and have been schooled in the spirit of humility and obedience…..You have learned to be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit and obey His every instruction….I have soaked you in my oil of anointing for many days now. I have immersed you in the perfume of my worship. You have smelled my fragrance and the extravagance of it many times…Your preparation is about to end….For you have found favor in the eyes of the King, He has prepared a royal feast for you and given you royal robes to wear. You alone have the authority to approach the King….because you have been chosen and because of your place of intimacy with Him….Intimacy brings favor….Now is the time to come forth…..For I will have a bride who dares to come into my throne room…..the cry of the Holy spirit is coming forth in the gates of the city….He will not rest until a deliverer has come forth…For I  will enable you to deliver the people once again….He who has come down to deliver, will enable you to deliver….I have placed the fortitude of a solider within….I will have a bride who says….if I perish, I  perish….but have mercy on your people Oh, God…..show your compassion once again….For I have given you the Keys…..they are in your hands…the keys will unlock every door that has been shut by the enemy…for you will say to the north, give them up and to the south, do not hold them back…you will call my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth….!You alone have the authority to enter the throne room….you have fasted, now you will give a feast for the King…..you will give a feast of wine for the King…..and He will extend His scepter to you and say, Ask of me, what do you want…..up to half the kingdom is yours…….For intimacy with the king, the preparation you have gone through will grant you entrance into His royal throne room…and He will gaze on the bride who He loves…..and grant deliverance to the people once again…It is time for Esther to come forth. It is time for her to take her place in the throne room of the king….Will you say yes to the call? Will you say if I perish, I perish..? For you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this…….

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