Community Roles

There are a number of ways for you to be involved.


Of course, the easiest thing to do is to come and enjoy soaking in the Spirit. It’s a wonderful thing that we all have to do occasionally. However, there are a number of specific needs within the community that need to be met, and someone has to attend to those needs.

Therefore, we have a number of specific roles in our community, about which you can learn right here.

Chris on Watch

Prophetic Singers

More than just a singer, a Prophetic Singer is one who prophesies through their song. The primary worship model used in the house is called the Harp and Bowl Model, which received it’s name from the reference to the 24 elders holding bowls of incense and playing harps to God in Rev 5:8-10. This type of singing is called antiphonal singing, meaning back and forth.

We strive for a more complete unity in our worship by dividing up the singing from a Solo/backup pattern, to one in which the singers compose small short phrases tied together with a chorus, creating a prophetic song.

Chad at LaHOP


The deep impact of music on the soul has long been understood and accepted in the church.  “Bring me a musician.” (2 Kings 3:15) has often been the cry of the people.  We are also dedicated to creating an atmosphere saturated with music, that ushers in the presence of the Lord easily and softens the hearts of the people.

Julie at Worship by icyndi creations


The arts have been one of the greatest gifts God has given the church. We feel that God is beginning to restore them to their rightful place as key expressions of the person of Jesus, for all desires and hobbies were first in Him.  Therefore, we have created a special place within our hearts devoted fully to the arts.  Painters, poets, sketchers, and even doodlers are welcome to come and use the supplies provided or bring their own, and to partner with the creative God in expressing who He is. 


Most people don’t consider dancing to be a part of worship to the Lord anymore.  At best it is a performance that we sit down and watch, not one that is participated in.  Throughout our experience at the house of prayer one of the primary things prophesied over people is to dance before the Lord.(This beauty in the picture grew up to be a professional dancer in a Christian Dance Company in Houston)

Intercessors worshipping


The Lord calls us all to “Watch and pray” (Matt 25:13).  Therefore, we have created times of intercession and prayer for our area to do just that.  Watchmen specifically are those who have no musical skill or are too shy to pray at the microphone, yet are recognized by the house as key intercessors and participants in what the Lord has for our region.  They are the dedicated ones who are really the backbone of the entire prayer movement and bring encouragement to everyone in the house.  Would that we all would be Watchmen!



Jesus Himself is our “Great Intercessor” (Hebrews 7:25).  And carrying a prayer burden for others is one of the noblest things in the kingdom of heaven.  Those who have a heart to continually ask God what He wishes to do in an area, and then have the dedication to pray until that reality is made manifest are what we call our Prayer Leaders or Intercessors. 

Healing Prayer
Healing Prayer


We believe that the Scriptures clearly proclaim God to be a Healer.  Jesus clearly demonstrated this reality many times during His earthly ministry.

“And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.”
-Matthew 4:23

Consequently this mandate to minister healing by Divine Power has passed to the Church (Mk 16:17-18), through the Holy Spirit providing specific supernatural gifts in the Body (1 Cor 12:4-11). 

The Herb Lady

We also have our very own Herb Lady. She has a degree in Horticulture and grows and sells her Herbs to the public to help raise money for missions and ministry. She makes about every kind of Herbal Product you can imagine, from Body Butters, Herbed Oils, Herbal Tinctures and Medicines, Herbal Teas, Bath Salts, and more. You can contact us for a personalized & free visit for an evaluation for your Herbal needs and healing prayers.

Social Media Genius

Social Media and Roadies

There are many technical positions available and yet unfilled. We offer quality sound equipment and a fabulous worship. We also use several digital systems for our playing recorded music and teachings, and for web-streaming audio and video in from IHOP-KC. At this time we are not 24 hours a day, so to “stand in the gap” we play recorded music when live worship is not available. There are many options and ways to worship the Lord. Come worship Him with your technological skills.

(Currently we are looking for strong folks to load & cary equipment, to help us take our worship to the streets  ~ We also need video editors and people who can help with social media)

The more technology is adopted and used, the more we need knowledgeable people to help us keep that technology working. From the computer network used for streaming, to the devices used to record audio and video, producing products, and managing the uploading of media to our social media sites. We need worshippers who can make technology work, even when it doesn’t want to! 

Keep Me Humble Jobs!

Every community member makes time to help in the daily workings of the community. It helps to keep us humble and solidifies our family atmosphere. There are many ‘keep me humble jobs’ and projects available for volunteers of all types ranging for maintenance, cleaning, office work, or making phone calls.

Please volunteer to help in the House of the Lord. 

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