Jill Joseph

Jill JosephJill Joseph

My exposure to LaHOP has been mainly from visiting my dear friend Julia Robertson. I would drive over from Mississippi and stay in the upstairs apartment. There have been times when I would experience deep encounters with the Lord there. I remember one time I was struggling with some things and God just came to me with overwhelming peace. I remember another time I visited LaHOP and the Holy Spirit gave me specific prophetic words for each of the 5 ladies I was teaching at a bible study in Jackson, MS. Each was spot on.

During my last visit to LaHOP at the end of Feb this year a powerful spirit of prayer/intercession came upon me for the city of Pearl, my neighborhood, and other things. Little did I know that we would be hit by a major hailstorm in March! I have experienced deep passionate worship at LaHOP led by Sister Julia. And, I have been to prophetic meetings there led by various ministers that have blessed and edified me and left me tremendously encouraged!

There is an undeniable presence of God at LaHOP. It has been a safe refuge for me to be still and commune with the Lord in prayer.

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