Apostolic Prophets

Apostolic prophets, perhaps you’ve not heard of the term, that’s cause I made it up. Smile and laugh insert here.

It’s hard to be one of the five fold ministry in a modern world. Used to be you could tell who the prophets were because they walked around carrying a big giant staff and wore white robes, if I wear that today they just think I’m a lunatic.

OK, admit I do have a big old stick in the garage that I call my staff, but I don’t use it often. I used to use it to scare the dog in the behaving by just tapping it on the floor. It worked really great!

But I digress. How many of you who are called to the prophetic ministry and have a strong call from the Lord as intercessors or a seers have trouble trying to figure out what to share with others and what to keep secret between you and the Lord?

I’ve been in the ministry for 30 to 40 years and I still struggle with it sometimes. You can go on Facebook and any social media platform and see dozens of prophetic people giving the word of the Lord daily.

To me, being an apostolic prophet, is not what I do for a living, it’s not the type of ministry I run, it’s who I am in God. Years ago I was feeling insecure about letting people know God had called me to be a prophet, I felt like it was bragging, or I didn’t understand, in the denomination I was in, how I would fit in, so I just kept it a secret. I told my husband and a few of my closest friends and they were all very encouraging.

But what’s a girl to do in the 21st-century hang out a shingle on her front door that says:

‘Prophets R-US’?

No, I don’t think that’s what I had in mind nor did the Lord. I’ve had a couple of experiences with Holy Spirit that sort of led me down the path of where I am today.

The first one was when he slightly chastised me about not wanting to call myself a prophet. He said that I was a prophet and that I should call my self one ~ I also had black hair and green eyes and fair skin. I understood the Lord was saying it was not a job description but who I was. We can either be like Billy Graham or Hitler. They both had the gifting to lead multitudes of people with words that they spoke. But they both used it in very different avenues.

During another season of my life I was attempting to build a ministry, I was new in my journey and the Lord instructed me firmly that when the worldwide ministry, that he had called me to, started to take off, I was not to invite Aaron, like Moses invited his brother. Aaron was the one who built the golden calf, with the people of Israel, that had gone astray in their hearts towards God. I knew that the Lord did not want me to do any heavy recruiting but i should allow him to bring the people that he desired to be part of what I was doing. Over the decades this has become difficult, recruiting people is the American way. Having only a small family and a handful of people to fellowship with and to enter into ministry is quite difficult when you have a worldwide vision from the Lord. God doesn’t seem to be interested in popularity or Notoriety as much as He is interested in character and relationships.

Many times in our prayer group that meets in my home currently, the Lord will reveal to us extremely high-level visions and prophecies. Should I post it right away on Facebook? Should we hold it to ourselves and pray over it and ask the Lord what to do with it? Am I more interested in becoming popular and selling my latest book or am I interested in being the Lord’s friend?

Being gods confidant, his apostolic prophet, is a great responsibility. Yes, God does nothing without first telling his prophets, the scripture is true and sure. He is faithful. But are we?

Should we share everything we hear from God publicly and quickly without forethought? Honestly, the best thing to do is just ask the Lord. If you can hear him well enough to prophesy and move and visions and dreams etc., then you can hear him well enough to ask His advice and wait until He answers.

Thoughts from the cave. Cyndi


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