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Let the word envelope you!

Let the word envelope you!

The Army Has Already Been Sent


I post this prophetic word in the fear of the Lord. I pondered it for 2 months before I felt I could post it. May the Lord protect you and cover you with His grace as you read and share it. It is a [...]

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There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus… Roman’s 8:1 One of the things that I find in ministry that seems to be epidemic is a spirit of condemnation and false humil [...]

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Meat not milk; The Great Saints


Posted by: Cyndi | May 17, 2022 Meat not milk; The Great Saints Meat not milk posts: Name me one saint, or one great man or woman of God that did not have to stand up alone to the establishm [...]

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Allegiance; Which Law Shall We Follow?

Which law shall we follow man's or God's?

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