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Let the word envelope you!

Let the word envelope you!


Discernment or Judgement?

Hello faithful followers! A few years ago, I was speaking to the Lord about all sorts of things and particularly about discernment. It seems so many people call discernment judgmentalism and I was co [...]

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John The Baptist ~ A Swinger?

Hello faithful followers of My Bunny Trails! As I asked God today to anoint my words to declare His praises and His goodness throughout the earth, this came to me. Being a ‘John The Baptist’ lik [...]

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Love is Kind, Not Nice


Originally from IHOP-KC blog, by lisagottshall: God is love. God is kind, not nice. He would much rather offend us with tough truth now, so [...]

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My Bunny Trails ~ My First Blog ~ HOP to HOP and Back again!

Welcome to my new blog ~ I am calling it "My Bunny Trails"~  I started a House of Prayer in the winter of 2002/2003 in Monroe Louisiana with my family as the main worship leaders. We have run it for [...]

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