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Like a Mighty Rushing River is God Pouring Into the Middle East

Like a Mighty Waterfall Shall He Pour Out Upon The Muslims and The Jews CCs world prophecy about the Middle East:(Received during Sunday worship and intercession during the week of the Day of atoneme [...]

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Your Atmosphere is Important!

Hello, I want to speak to you today about the atmosphere that surrounds you. Most people do not understand the power of the atmosphere that they live in. But the scripture is clear our atmosphere is a [...]

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Commons prerequisites to Revival

One of the things about human nature, that we all need to understand is that we like things that we can understand. We like our worship services to be led by an agenda, or a program bulletin, two song [...]

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Paul Revere Prophecy

I received this Sept 28th, 2022. I was watching Youtube and was impressed by the Lord to turn it off and listen. I heard these words. I am still pondering them…if you receive any revelation please [...]

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The Army Has Already Been Sent

I post this prophetic word in the fear of the Lord. I pondered it for 2 months before I felt I could post it. May the Lord protect you and cover you with His grace as you read and share it. It is a [...]

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There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus… Roman’s 8:1 One of the things that I find in ministry that seems to be epidemic is a spirit of condemnation and false humil [...]

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