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Now I Know You Will Serve Me!

Have you ever been going through a season where you felt like nothing was going right for you? Often God will offend the mind ~ to reveal the heart.

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Help a Girl out and subscribe!

I created this beautiful YouTube channel for those who need peace and rest and love.

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Need subscribers for my Streaming Peace site – HELP!

Need subscribers for my Streaming Peace site – HELP!

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Look What The Lord has Done!

I recently submitted this letter to Dr. Michael Brown. He asked for testimonies from the Brownsville Revival and I thought all of you would enjoy what I wrote. Enjoy! Cyndi

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icyndi’s book of wisdom ~

This January of 2014 ~ I will be posting a quote everyday out of my little book of wisdom. These are things I have learned throughout my life and so I thought I would share them with everybody. Thin [...]

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My Christmas Blog

Merry Christmas everyone! This year I am reminded of how much our Lord actually gave up to come down to earth for us.  He is the incarnate One ~ the One Who became flesh, Who was Other Than flesh [...]

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