Commons prerequisites to Revival


One of the things about human nature, that we all need to understand is that we like things that we can understand. We like our worship services to be led by an agenda, or a program bulletin, two songs, and an announcement, an offering song, then a sermon and we leave about five or 10 minutes for prayer time.

Unless we’re really stretching and we have a choir ensemble that sings and makes our hearts feel comforted and we call it the presence of the Lord.

many many many people are crying out for a revival and the glory of the Lord to come into this world, and transform us. So am I, daily, and have been for years.

“God Will offend the mind to reveal the heart .” Mike Bickle

I have been Blessed over the last 40 years to have experienced multiple visitations of the glory of the Lord that were poured out in the Earth. I consider myself a very blessed woman to have been graced with being where God was moving mightily for a season.

Some of the things I’ve noticed that God used to pour out his glory were:

1. A extremely dedicated group of people meeting for prayer meetings, asking God to bring revival, glory, and miracles. They were usually young people, or women, or the occasional person that God would bring to teach on the subject and inspire prayer groups to meet daily or at least once a week, to cry out to the Lord. These meetings preceded a true visitation of God. Large or small didn’t seem to matter.

2. When the presence of the Lord comes into a meeting or a home, he generally knocks, the pastor unconscious. In the glory of the Lord, the pastor is usually incapacitated for a while. I believe it is to get the pastor out of the way. No offense to pastors, but they tend to have an agenda, and God is doing something new, and he needs them to quit, trying to be in control so that he can come in and do what God wants to do, as the living Lord.

3. When revival, or the presence of the Lord comes in for a holy visitation, a season, where God‘s presence is extremely powerful and evident, there seems to be a lingering hunger and the people to stay and continue the meetings indefinitely.

5. The glory of the Lord is accompanied by a holiness, not a harshness, but a weighty, heavy presence of holiness, like a white, hot, holy fire. This presence is automatically reverenced by those with true and hungry hearts. There is an unspoken, understanding not to offend or grieve the Holy Spirit. Yes, demons manifest and extremely religious people manifest with complaints and spirits of manipulation and control, but it’s not long till the Holy Spirit either transforms that person or ushers them out the back door. It is a place that is guarded by angels and holiness.

6. Each visitation, and season of revival, true glory revival, may be different than the last one. Every revival that is a true manifestation of a wave of the power of the living God, looks different. We must always keep the option open that God is doing something we have never seen before in the Earth. And yet, it will not disagree with canonized scripture. But get ready because God will awaken you to new ideas and new experiences in him, that always, draw you closer to Himself corporately and personally.

Get excited and cry out!


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