Did God Allow This To Happen To ME?


Why do we blame God for everything rotten that happens in our lives and not thank Him enough for all the beauty He brings?
Have you heard people say, in relation to all the misery in their lives that it must be from God cause He allowed it!
Basically this view point is a person who is so confused and hurting so much that all they can do to rationalize what has happen to them is to say: “Well, it must be God’s will for He allowed it to happen to me.
Don’t get me wrong, I empathize greatly with their pain and their loss for I too have been through more than my fair share of loss.


It seems to me they are so hurt that they have to blame someone, and instead of blaming the person or persons that did this to them, or the disease that attacked them, or even the enemy of our souls who does seek to destroy us, or themselves – they blame God, cause. “He has the power to fix this, and He didn’t, so it must be His will.”

Down deep if you examine this persons heart, you will find hurt and anger and bitterness and so much pain and unforgiveness that they just resign themselves to living in the pain by being angry with God and blaming Him.

It’s a fallacy to say if one thing happened and one bigger than that thing is around it must be that bigger ones fault cause they “allowed it”.

Here’s some more wisdom for discernment in this area:

1. God gave us free will and everything that happens to us is not His fault. Sometimes it’s yours.

2. All open doors are not necessarily God and all closed doors are not necessarily God closing them.
(The book of Acts is full of times when the doors closed to the Apostles to preach, and it was most definitely Gods will for them to continue, even in persecution.)

3. God is a good God and desires to bless you with all He has! It’s His heart and His character in most situations.
“If you, being evil, can give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him.”

4. Wicked people do bad things -it’s not Gods fault.

5. The devil is roaming around seeking who he may devour.
God is the good Shepherd seeking after the lost and hurting.

6. If you have had trauma or horrible things happen to you -GOD DESIRES TO RESCUE YOU from your situation and He can and will make beauty come from your ashes!

Turn toward God and not from Him. Let go of your past by truly walk in forgiveness and let go of all the horrible circumstances and how and why you ended up where you are today. Rise up and trust in The Lord, and start walking into the future believing God is bringing beauty out of your ashes. You may not get back what you have lost, but the future will be better, if you look to God who can change all into good.
Let go and forgive – acknowledge your anger at God and repent to Him. Grieve your loss and then look to the heavens for your redemption draws nigh.

Do you want sunshine and love and happiness or do you want to remain bitter and hurt and angry and “be right” that “God did this to you.”
Your pride is trapping you and keeping you in your own misery.

Rise up and feel the Sonshine on your face.


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