Hello faithful prayer warriors!

Hello faithful prayer warriors!
I know it has been a while since most of you have heard from me, I am sorry. Be encouraged, I am continuing to serve the Lord in so many ways and plenty of new ones. This year is full of great adventures in the Lord, starting next week.
I am serving as an street evangelist for ‘Operation Save Kansas City’ this Memorial day week. 
We are combining 24/7 Worship & Prayer with 24/7 Evangelism!                   WOOP-WOOP!
As many of you know I have recently been invited to be on staff in Dallas, TX, and it is growing into a glorious experience with the Lord. Last December I helped lead the team for LOVE DALLAS and it was a glorious success. I was in charge of 24/7 Worship & Prayer on the Night watch. I served the Lord and others as ‘Prayer Room Co-ordinator’ from 6pm to 6am for a week of 24/7 ministry. It was so awesome.
[You can check out all of our ministry video summaries about LOVE Dallas, on Youtube.com]
This year is full of many trips for the Lord: (I cherish your prayers and support!)
#1 – May 26th – June1st ~ Operation Save Kansas City
#2 – June 16th – June 21st ~ LOVE Minneapolis Twin Cities
#3 – July 18th – July 24th ~ LOVE DFW – (possible trip to spy out the land for a new IHOP)
#4 – September 4th – October 14th ~ France & England
Personal mission trip to teach the Song of Songs & minister prophetically
Traveling to ~ Le Vigan, Angers, Paris, and London
I can not do these ministry trips without all of your love and prayers. The enemy does not like us spreading the Love of God to the hurting of the world. But we are determined to be a light in the darkness of this world and to shine for our Beloved Jesus where ever we can.
Please consider joining me in prayer and financial support ~ someone has to pay for all these trips, meals, rental cars, flights, and hotels. I promise you I am getting the best deals I can for medium to low cost rooms, etc. I try to be honest and serve the Lord with all my heart and those of you who know me, understand I have a long history of being a giver and not wasting money or support.
 I do not take up offerings on mission trips, for I consider it unethical, so I depend on our home base folks to help me, and of course all things come from our Beloved Jesus ~ he always provides for me somehow!
I also need supplies to give to the destitute on the streets. Tracks, Bibles, pamphlets, and anything you think you may have lying around the house that is small enough for me to carry to give to the poor is greatly appreciated. (English, French, Arabic languages too please.)
 (ie: travel shampoos, soap, baby wipes, love notes God has given you for those hurting are always greatly appreciated, etc.)
Drop them in a box and mail them to me, I will see people get them on these trips.
Cynthia K Kennedy
300 Stubbs Ave.
Monroe, Louisiana
One more thing:
From the bottom of my heart ~ I care about and cherish all of you and your continued love and prayer for me. I know I cannot continue to serve the Lord, which is my life’s blood and call, without all of you. Your prayers really do mean the world to me. When we are in the front lines of ministry we are often the target of the enemy, like the marines in a war. I depend on you and your prayers for my very life at times! 
Though I never feel any fear, and I have been told on numerous occasions people have seen 4 huge angels flanking me as I minister, I cannot see them myself, though I know God is with me. My heart is to be His servant and messenger to a world in which so few people hear His voice. I spend most of my week praying and developing my inner prayer life and joining others in prophetic ministry to keep myself clean inside that I may be a vessel for His glory.
I am sincere and I know you all are also working in differing fields for the Lord. I pray for you all often.
Please send me messages when you need prayer as well, together we can be victorious for our Lord Jesus in this world and come out of the fires of life not even smelling like smoke.
I love and cherish you all,
Love’s Messenger
PS: The new title to my Ministry is ‘Love’s Messenger Ministries’ ~ A new chapter ~ A new season ~ SAME SWEET GOD!
To give please make you checks out to “Love’s messenger Ministries” or “Cynthia Kennedy”.
I also take credit cards, and apple pay.
You can give on my web site or through paypal.
Cynthia K Kennedy

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