Hey Everyone! Join Google Plus if you wa

Hey Everyone! Join Google Plus if you want to join us for a “Weight Loss Challenge Party” online.
We will be meeting at my home, but ‘Cyber Friends’ are certainly welcome.
We can get together and encourage one another and talk about the latest products to help each other. We can even go to ‘Zumba’ together, work out at the gym, and walk together ~ or join someone in our home towns and compare notes and laugh about our dance moves.
Everyone is invited to join us and ~ ” Know ~ that you are never alone!”

Just add your self to this circle and we can all video conference together at the party Monday night the 27th at 6:30 pm and get together once a week or so, to see how we are all doing. We all need the encouragement.
Hugs from Cyndi

You can find me on google+ at:
Cynthia Cloud

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