IHOP-KC Controversy

To all my IHOP-KC friends and those around the world ~ affiliated with IHOPs. I ran the LaHOP for over 15 years in Monroe Louisiana – circa 2002-2014.

Hello dear friends, I’m so proud of all of my dear friends in Kansas City for how you are handling this gut-wrenching process that you all are going through. I feel as though I’m going through it with you. But I am sure it is more acute to be in Kansas City daily. I have watched all the links that you sent and have kept up with them and prayed through it all as best as I could. I have wept with you, and I have prayed with you, and I rejoice with you in the hope of the future.

The Lord Jesus has been so kind to me. I was praying for Mike the other day, and the Lord was so sweet. I felt the tenderness of His anointing and His presence upon me and I heard Him say “You are as lovely as Tirzah, as beautiful as Jerusalem.”

Only those of us, who remain lovesick worshipers will really understand what that means. We have ravished His heart.

This week my heart goes out to all of the faithful and pure of heart who are being drug along in the midst of this turmoil. The Lord is with us all, He will never leave us nor forsake us, and as the apostle Paul encouraged us “He is working in us, an eternal weight of glory”.

For have we not been praying for the glory of the Lord? Have we not been asking for more? Are we not preparing our hearts for true revival, and what God is doing in the next season?

I was reminded in prayer this morning, that most of the great revivals that sparked transformation on a worldwide level included and were birthed by public repentance. The Azuza Street revival was known for people, spontaneously, standing up and repenting of their sins, as Seymour sat with his head under a peach crate for hours, praying in tongues.

The Moravian revival started in Hernnhut with the Holy Spirit, moving on the room and people spontaneously, standing up and publicly repenting of their secret sins. As you know, it sparked the greatest protestant missionary movement of that time.

The Brownsville revival was started, as the Lord instructed Pastor Kilpatrick, to set up flags and banners and have everybody repent from their sin and pray in intercession.

God always prepares what He’s about to do in the secret place. And then He makes it public.

Get ready for what God is about to do!

As I prayed in the spirit this morning, the Lord reminded me of the prophecy that he had given me this year before all of this started or was revealed. And amid that prophecy, He is reminding me of an old dream Julie Meyer had about the “Crystal Sea” and justice. I will attach the links here so you can listen to it again. And read what the Lord told me as well.

Basically in a season of judgment/Justice, we need to “Go Low”.

Not to stand with our fists in the air as the river of God’s justice roles over us and around us. Going low in humility within the Holy Spirit, and leaning into His sovereignty, is the only safe place. For truly, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

But God!

“If God is for us, who can be against us for nothing, shall separate us from the love of God… Not persecution, not principalities, not powers nothing… Can separate us from his great, eternal, everlasting, and merciful love.” Romans 8:18-37

Know that you are not alone, there are many of us out here with you, praying faithfully; many fasting and standing alongside our brothers and sisters – back to back in intercession – as we fight this enemy of our souls, as we bow in humility to our God and king, and trust that He knows exactly what He’s doing, that He is the commander of the army of the Lord, and He has not fallen off His throne today.

God bless you all with all my heart and all my love,

your sister, Cyndi

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(I have been given quite a few strong prophecies in the last year and a half that I wrote about in my blog. Here is a link to the one which includes the Crystal Sea. I recommend The “Paul Revere Prophecy”, and “The army has already been sent” as well. I do not pretend to really know everything the Lord is talking about in these prophecies. I just take dictation in the anointing.)


Julie Meyers dream – to remember:



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