Apr 8, 2005
Because of some things that have happened in the last week or so I wanted to write this article. It’s difficult to insert a little caution without making people paranoid and fearful.
Nevertheless American Christians are the most naive Christians in the world. Most have never been taught to use the discernment that God put within them- or they have had an attitude of “That man on the platform, HE should know, he’s a prophet, or He”s a great teacher,” and who am I? I’m nobody.”
Everyone of us are meant to learn to listen to the witness of the spirit within us. That’s why its there. That’s why the Bible says we don’t need any man to teach us. That scripture doesn’t mean that we don’t need teachers, but you have to witness to the teaching! Before we take off for Australia next week (please be praying for that) I want to send this out- just a little caution and encouragement to listen to the witness in your spirit.
I have prayed for people whose lives became a disaster – really only because they didn’t stop and listen to that witness – they carried on in or under something that was “off.” It eventually led them to disastrous situations and great loss.
Years ago when we were first filled with the spirit, I had a very strong prophetic anointing. I saw in the spirit world events before they happened. I saw inside the Houses of Parliament. The Lord showed me that Christians should know the news first before the world. We shouldn’t have to be told the news by the world. It was powerful. I remember having a thought, “This is really something.” Just a little thought the enemy threw at me. Next thing would have been “You’re really something.” ALWAYS watch out for the spirit of Elitism. It can be very subtle. I have a book on that on my website. Get it and study it. Run like crazy if you see that elitism spirit. It means the seeds of death are already there. We are ALL totally dependant on the Holy Spirit.
One Sunday, a well known prophet was coming to minister in our church in London. He was well known for prophetic words and for words of knowledge. That day ( Saturday) I had been praying in the bedroom and I left my Bible open on the bed in order to go and do something downstairs. When I came back to the bedroom I knelt down by the side of the bed and looked at my Bible again. I was very surprised to see the Bible was open to the account of Saul consulting the Witch of Endor, (1 Sam 28). That was not where I was reading when I left the room!
Next thing, this spirit appeared to me and spoke to me. It said, “If you like I can give you tremendous words of knowledge, more than you ever imagined, if you serve me.” “I serve the Lord Jesus Christ” I said. “Well you can do both you know, a lot of Christians do.”
So I turned the other way and spoke to the Lord. I said, “Lord I don’t care if I never get another word of knowledge or prophesy, If I don’t see another miracle, I will sit at the back of the meeting and just worship you.” I suddenly knew that the prophet who was coming the next day operated with a familiar spirit and didn’t know it. I realized that when your ministry depends on a certain gift then familiar spirits can come in and give you “words” and “words of knowledge.”
The prophet was a nice guy, but I kept praying in the spirit and a lot of the words were slightly out of wack. Also a couple of years ago Bob Jones had asked me to pray for something – to see if the Holy Spirit would show me what spirit was trying to take out the ministries in Charlotte NC. There is a whole account of what happened, ( I can send it to you if you are interested) but basically the Morgan Le Faye ( enchantment) Spirit appeared in my kitchen and offered to help me. She (it) offered to help me by telling me where I should go and pray, even what I should pray. I told that spirit that the Holy Spirit would tell me what to pray. I asked where it came from and it told me it had been invited. I knew that was true and found out later that a group of people in Charlotte had indeed called forth those Arthur/Merlin spirits into Charlotte. Two angels came and took it out- but still it was offering all kinds of information to me.
There is a lot of things out there which are “kind of” but not quite. I think that people forget that although we are in the spirit realm, it is the Lord that leads the dance. Everything is still at His invitation –
The Holy Spirit is one who is doing the work – His invitation is to work with Him, be a co-laborer, be one with Him. We have to learn to discern what He is doing, what He is saying and co-operate with HIM. One thing you have to believe of course that He is speaking to you, He is moving on you – but its yielding not initiating. You aren’t God my friend.
I was driving a while ago and had some other people in the van with me. I felt the anointing come on me and the Holy Spirit touched me and an angel put out his hand. Then I felt the presence of a false light spirit. I wasn’t sure what was happening so I started praying in tongues. Who was it for? who was I praying for? How was it affecting anyone? Suddenly a young boy at the back of the van said to another boy, “Lets go in the spirit and visit some places, where would you like to go?” The other lad mentioned some places. Bermuda was one of them. “Come on then.” Next thing they were sharing to and fro about what they were seeing. It was wild- I mean weird-wild. They were “seeing” things that were so ridiculous. I decided to put a stop to it. I made it clear it was just imagination and at the same time I was addressing that false light spirit. It left! I love it when the Holy Spirit takes you on those
spiritual trips, and shows us what He’s doing in other places. I’ve been taken in the Spirit to South Africa, to Israel, to Ireland, to Nigeria, to heaven. The Angel who is over the Nation of Nigeria stayed with me for 24 hours when I was in St Pete. FLA
I was taken into heaven every day for 3 1/2 weeks-but He was the initiator. He was doing that – I just responded and yielded to Him. It’s not your decision my friend. You have to do what He’s doing. Of course you have to learn to discern what He’s doing.
Jesus said that He did what He saw the Father do. He went where the Father told Him to go. He said what the Father told Him to say. That’s rest, ( Jn 14:10). “He that is entered into His rest has also ceased from His own works” (Heb 4:10). So please don’t stop prophesying and getting words of knowledge and believing God for the supernatural realm. It is your inheritance after all. When He leads, dont hesitate, follow. He is inviting you to dance with Him. It’s His invitation though. Blessings To order “Elitism and the False Shepherding Spirit” or to support our Australia trip and/or Edourd www.goodnews.netministries.org/kathie.htm
Kathie Walters

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