Like a Mighty Rushing River is God Pouring Into the Middle East

Like a Mighty Waterfall Shall, He Pour Out Upon The Muslims and The Jews

CiCi’s world prophecy about the Middle East:
(Received during Sunday worship and intercession during the week of the Day of Atonement at The Church Alive in North Cincinnati, Ohio)

“I see the Middle East ~ I see the desert people ~ and I see a mighty Niagara waterfall (Like Niagara Falls or The Victoria Waterfalls in Africa) ~ the river of God, pouring and pouring ~ into Iraq and Iran ~ pouring pouring ~ into Saudi Arabia.

It is a massive river of God.
It’s so massive ~ it’s going to bring destruction.

But it’s going to bring the holiness of the Lord ~ it is going to bring revelation, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of Who the risen God is ~ of who Jesus is.

And misplaced worship will turn to true and holy worship. And holiness will rule and reign in the land ~ and freedom and liberty will come.

Like a mighty Rushing River is God pouring into the Middle East ~ Is God pouring into Iran and Iraq and Saudi Arabia ~ and Turkey.


And it will stretch ~ and it will stretch ~ and it will stretch ~ up into Lebanon and into Syria ~ over to Lebanon and Syria ~ because I will have My way ~ I will have My way, says the living God.


I see the sun arising ~ I see a sun arising ~ I see new beginnings ~ I see new beginnings.
Do not think it is too hard that I can do such a thing ~ says the Lord ~ for it is My heart’s desire.
It is My will that in these last days, ~ all will come to Me ~ and none shall perish ~ none shall perish ~ even those who claim themselves to be My enemies.

I long for them ~ I long for them ~ I long for them as bridegroom longs for a long, lost bride ~ as Hosea longed for his wife ~ I long for them.

I long for Israel ~ I long for My bride.


Open your eyes and see ~ open your eyes and you shall see ~ and you shall see what I will do ~ in the land ~ in the land ~ in the land ~ you shall see ~ what I shall do and where I shall complete what I have spoken over them


The camels are coming ~ the camels are coming ~ the camels of provision are coming.

Will you go My body? Will you go ~ will you go into the dry places?
Into the desert places and bring living water ~ and bring living water.
Will you risk your lives on My behalf?
Will you risk your lives on My behalf?
Will you go will you go?
Will you go for Me?

Will you go for Me?
That My heart’s desire would be fulfilled ~ that My blood would be fulfilled.
Would you go for Me?


Out into the highways and the byways ~ out into the streets ~ to the places where no one wants to go ~ to reach my people ~ my family.


The Muslims are my long-lost family and I have saved them for such a time as this ~ that all the world will see ~ and all the world will know ~ that I am the Risen King ~ the Risen Lord over all the earth.

When My people come to Me ~ when My people, bow before Me ~ in holiness and righteousness ~ they will see ~ and they will know ~ that I am God ~ that I am King over all the earth ~ and all there is ~ and all there ever will be.



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