Monday, April 16, 2007:
*”Now I believe Louisiana is on His radar these next two years. You want to be very aware that you guys are key in what God is doing. He could come visit in Alexandria just as well as He can visit in New Orleans. Just watch what He’s doing here in Louisiana. Watch the land. Watch the water. I want to be a little prophetic and just give you some simple words to get in your spirit. Watch the land; watch the water because it’s very, very key to what He’s doing.”
*”…you’re gonna see our sphere of authority changing because remember this is the year of coming full circle, but the sword is coming out of heaven. I mean the Word of the Lord is coming down to us this year. See this window over Louisiana. The Word of the Lord is coming down upon us this year and it’s creating this divine realignment in everything we’re doing. First of all, it’s creating a new worship alignment. Last night you could hear that. Worship is the key. I’m gonna come back to that in a moment but the way we worship is the key to our prosperity… It’s creating this apostolic, prophetic repositioning of relationships. The generations are connecting. We’ve got this divine realignment and divine connections that’s going on. New connections are coming.”
*This is a year of completion and there are certain cycles He’s ready to complete. There are certain things He’s ready to end and certain things that need to be dealt with. For this reason he (Chuck) feels like we’re suppose to meet more than just once a year here and specifically to evaluate the root system. We have to evaluate our roots in Louisiana.
*“The root means how were you established. Now this is why Louisiana is so important because you’re very unique and your government still carries a uniqueness about it that no other state carries. Therefore, you have a root in this nation that no other state has and that root affects this entire people. You do not have the same government that is governing this overall nation. You’d better hear this. Because you know what that does? If you can ever unravel this, you could change a whole nation, because you could get right and then say, well, we never were even connected with that thing up there. Now we’re going to decree, and this is going to change…The root is used in
determining one’s stability. So if your root is not right — take New Orleans and its history of its development. If the root’s not right, all the fruit’s going to be wrong. See? And I’m going to tell you, people, you just can’t pray for a place and say, oh, Lord, make this okay. It doesn’t work that way. Because if the root’s not right, then the iniquity from that root then has gone down five layers, and it’s connected all the way into hell, and it’s connected all the way through the second heaven.”
“So you’re dealing with a big issue here, that you’re having to — you’re having to do what Jeremiah said. We’ve got to uproot some things before we re-root some things. And that’s where you look at a place like New Orleans, and you say it probably is the only place in our nation that had the first shot at redeveloping a whole new start to move forward. And yet, they’re going back and they’re trying to even empower the evil root more than ever. And so you want to look at that, because I think God is — God is God. He doesn’t start something that He doesn’t finish. And so with that, I can stand here as a prophetic voice and I can tell you God doesn’t start something that He doesn’t finish. He started something in New Orleans, and if we keep kicking against the bricks, He’s going to finish it. Now, hear me, because I know Him too well. I know how He deals with things.”
“So I would have to say the next three months or so, this would be a real key here, just to evaluate the root. Don’t try to dig up everything. We’ve done a lot of research. Don’t try to dig up everything and make God put His finger on something. Just say, this thing ain’t gonna work. Because again, all you’ve got to do is look how the supply lines are shut down here. There’s plenty of money that has funneled in over this state — more money than ever has funneled in anywhere. And yet, it’s not here, and it’s not changing things. The Kingdom of God is not being reflected, so that says we’ve got an issue in that supply line that needs to be coming in and manifesting.”
* “And if God’s eye is on Louisiana — and some way or another it’s almost like He’s moved his eye…I can’t even elaborate on it, because I just see it prophetically. When in the ‘90’s we went to Florida and prayed for a week, because we said it would be the first fruit of revival, Florida still stays in the limelight constantly of our nation. But I said Louisiana is becoming the new Florida. Now, that’s how — I don’t know how else to say it…you’ll see it with your sports teams next year, you’ll see it in the way God is looking at things, and the issues that are coming up. Remember, Florida usually — all the issues come out of Florida. You’ll start seeing it in New Orleans.
*“Where are the greatest iniquity pockets where the blood is crying from the ground? Because the voice of that iniquity of the blood crying from the ground fills the heavens. Those have to be dealt with. Those are great wars. How will we see the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ being appropriated in a new way in our territory?”
*A tremendous war ahead is the discernment war. We must watch groups like the Ku Klux Klan which has such a strong root in Louisiana. That is a dichotomy. It’s lost a lot of strength but we have to see how old structures like this begin to morph into another way.
*”You must watch the Amalekite structure today. The Bible told us that in Exodus 17 when He revealed himself as Jehovah Nissi. He said you’ll be dealing with this from generation to generation to generation. And that Amalekite structure is where all — Haman was part of the Amalekite structure, and that’s how you discern the anti-Christ system. All racism is rooted in the Amalekite structure. It’s not a black/white thing. It’s racism that is anti-God, wanting to oppress a people so they can’t be who God’s intending them to be.”
*“Here’s another war. Here’s the big war, and this war is raging over this state. Now, you are the best — one of the very best examples of the wealth transfer war. And where God has me right now in really a lot of research, and where a couple of years ago he had me surround our nation and go to all of the port cities — that was where I really started, was down here. I went to the mouth of the Mississippi. I went to the head of the Mississippi, then I went to the mouth of the Mississippi, and that’s where we could start prophesying about New Orleans. Now, the Mississippi is key for the future of this nation. Discerning everything the Mississippi touches, every city it touches and every region it flows through is key to understanding how this nation will move in days ahead. It’s very, very key.”
*“ So what I am believing is, God is going to start showing his people concepts of trading, concepts of understanding how the land is to be moved and prospered, and how we’re to gain influence in the land — again, through trading. It’s the only way we can really bring this nation back under kingdom rule again. So this becomes very, very important for us.”
*“And Louisiana has — some way or another you’re on the forefront. You’re on the forefront of this. Now, I’m telling you, we’re in the forerunner state of this right now. There is something in your blood system that God’s gonna activate…We’ll just let God do it.”
*“There’s this atmosphere of war, and that’s why we’ve got to rule by night. Biblically, you’ll see all sorts of issues where they learn there’s a reason God put evening before morning. And if we’ll learn to rule in the night, we can sure rule in the day.” (Night watches in Louisiana are critical.)
*“…Brian went back and he sent me something from when I first started coming to Louisiana and prophesying. And God says very specifically it is a presence war here. You are dealing with a Saul/David structure here, and Saul’s trying to rule you. And Saul, when you went — and Brian even wrote me and he said, go back and look at 1 Samuel 12. I read it on the plane coming here, and that is where the people ordained Saul because they didn’t want God to be king any longer. And there’s some shift that’s got to occur here. If it occurs — and Louisiana is the state it can occur in. Now, I don’t understand it. I will get understanding on it. I’ll tell you that — this much, because God’s assigned me to be with you for two years…But there’s something about this, that if we get it in these next two years, we’re going to unravel something in this whole nation. We’ll unravel a trading system. There’s a government here we can unravel. There’s
something here we can unravel in this state that is different. You are unique to any other state in this nation. You are not the same as any other state in this nation. We can get past this racial issue in this state. And I’m telling you what — the kingdom of God can rise up here and we can move forward in this state, and you can be the witness to this entire nation.”
“Now, I’m telling you now, we’ve got to press into this. We’ve got to press into it prophetically. Listen to every prophet, let all the streams come in here, hear what they’re trying to say to us, and let’s move forward to unravel this demonic structure that is in the land connected to the air, so that the presence of God uses this state to change the government of this land.”
PRAYER: Lord, we receive this. Lord, we’re not even sure what it is, but we feel you in this room over us. We feel the chosen moment of this state. We feel you’re initiating this state. We feel you’re moving in this state in a way that, Lord, you’re beginning to do it. All that coastline all the way from Mobile, all of that structure in Mobile that came and manifested in New Orleans — God says, I’ll go all the way. The roots in Mobile that’s linked with New Orleans — that’s why you’re here. The Lord says, I’ll go to Mobile. That’s where you’re going to unravel this demon that’s controlling even this state, saith the Lord. Father, we command — we’ve put those supply lines that hell has its hands on over this state. The federal issue of money, the state issue of money, and the political handshake that’s holding it in place — we say you’re going to have to let go, and it’s going to flow.
Father, we call forth new business, we call forth new trade routes. And the Lord would say, I have dealt with New Orleans because I want to create a new trade system in this land, and you’ve missed the trade system that I’m dealing with in this land. I say when you go to New Orleans, look all the way up the Mississippi River and say trade will now change. I say, and you’ve brought in slave trade and you’ve brought in the iniquity that set people against people. But I say from this place you can reverse that, saith the Lord. I say look at the major cities along the Mississippi, for they will be key in seeing the change of this nation. I say I will even cause business structures to begin to shift. Look at how the river system operates and how it runs into the Mississippi, and I say to you — I will begin to show you how the port system of this land is meant to shift now, for there is a small window that is linked with this, and you must see it and shift it if you’re going to see a nation change and the next three generations be saved.
Father, we break the power of these iniquities that’s been holding us captive. Now, turn and pray over someone, and just decree that all blindness that’s been holding them and keeping them from seeing the new things God’s trying to see here in Louisiana will be broken. Father, we’re in agreement in this room.
The Lord says, I’ll show you key, small secrets that’s in your own bloodlines in this state, and what — the assignments I give you now are bigger than you. I say those small assignments that each one of you have are very important to changing the course of a nation, saith the Lord. I say the port authority in this state is key to understand. I say even now there’s a war over the rearrangement of the port system, and I say it’s not about New Orleans. It’s about the control of a whole land, saith the Lord. And I say the occult structure in this state — I’m going to reverse that power and I’m going to cleanse my people. And I say where divination has ruled and voodoo has reigned — I say now
my prophetic revelation will flow in a way that it will be heard day and night, that the people of Louisiana are hearing the Lord.

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