Meat not milk; The Great Saints


Posted by: Cyndi | May 17, 2022

Meat not milk; The Great Saints

Meat not milk posts:

Name me one saint, or one great man or woman of God that did not have to stand up alone to the establishment of their day at least some time in their life.
Joan of arc
St. Francis
St. Patrick
Apostle Paul
John the beloved

Just saying…….

Part 2 of my meat not milk posts:
Most of these or maybe all were mostly alone in their calling. They spent hours and hours alone in prayer. They were not famous publically but in the eyes of our Lord.
They rarely had extremely large meetings but met those the Lord sent them to in smaller groups and along their journeys.
They became well
Known in old age or after death.
Think about it…..

The importance of peace, prayer, and constant intimate communion with our Beloved God can not be overstated.


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