Current Ministries

We are very concerned about reaching non-believers for Christ, and the primary way we do this is through the ‘Firebase Ministry’ in connection with ‘Love DFW’ and other major cities around the country. (Love Detroit, Love LA, Love San Francisco, Love Twin Cities, Love New York, and others)

Presently, our ministry goals are aligned in such a way that our primary purpose in missions is to help lift up, support, encourage, and intercede for believers in the field. Our ministries are fully available to all who would receive them, and as a result we provide support to everyone from housewives to international evangelists.

Prophetic Ministry

He's the apple of my eye

We believe in ministering in prophecy and prayer. Prophecy is one of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and is a primary way in which the Lord encourages and exhorts His people. All in the community are able to pray and prophesy over anyone or anyplace the Lord leads. There are certain watches available where anyone can ask for prophecy through prayer.

Healing Ministry

Heal me Lord!

We pray for people to receive various types of healing including:

  • Inner Healing
  • Deliverance
  • Physical Healing

The healing ministry is another of the manifestations of Holy Spirit. God heals and delivers His people today as in times of old and it is His desire that all of His people walk and live in divine health.

Prayer Counseling


The Holy Spirit is our counselor and we seek to minster to individuals and families through His leading and guidance. “In a multitude of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 11:14) We are simply brothers and sisters in Christ who will pray with you and counsel you to the best of our ability and the wisdom God gives. We are not licensed psychiatrists or psychologists.

Personal Retreats

We are currently not hosting personal retreats in house, but will be glad to come direct retreats for your groups. Contact us on our ‘Contact Forms’. Be Blessed.



We believe training is an important part of any Christian’s life and should be a regular part of one’s lifestyle. We do not require anyone to be a perfect person before they can start ministering with the Holy Spirit. But to become a mature Christian filled with wisdom, training and Bible study are necessary.

Traveling Missions Teams

Dried Fruit in the French Market

French Fabrics in the MarketOne of our favorite things to do is to travel to different places around the world to minister to various people groups in teaching, worship and prayer. We travel to local congregations and house churches as well as national and international places, bringing the message of God’s unfailing love and encouraging those who are also in prayer ministry. Connect with and read about some of these places on our ‘links’ page.

Ministry to the Persecuted Church

Second Trip to China

Second Trip to China

Second Trip to China I believe the most important call on our lives, apart from our ministry to God, is that of ministry to the persecuted church. There have been more people martyred for their faith in the last few decades than in all of Christendom. And multitudes of others still alive and being attacked and persecuted every day – we call these the ‘Living Martyrs’ of our generation.

Worship and Intercession


Worship and Intercession are our primary ministries. We seek to transform our region and others we intercede for through worship & prayer. It is our central purpose to know our Lord Jesus and His will through worship and adoration and then to pray His will for those He directs us to cover in prayer “that the earth may be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.”

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