Worship Watches

What Are Watches?

“Watch” is a term that is derived from various parts of the Bible where watchmen would divide the day into periods and keep watch. Upon the approach of an enemy, they would sound a warning much like soldiers or security guards do today.

In our community, we consider a watch is a two-hour time period in which a team or individual comes and engages in worship and prayer.

It is our desire to live in an atmosphere of worship & prayer. We ran the Louisiana House of Prayer, for 15 years but in this season we are using wide-screen video worship in the Community House. There are many HOPs around the world, some with 24 hour live watches, in the form of the Tabernacle of David, most are small but sincere and we love to visit them all.  Until such time as the Lord fills the house, we  use pre-recorded music to “stand in the gap.”

There are many ways to be involved in worship and prayer watches.

Meditation Watches

This prayer format is designed to provide an anointed atmosphere for individuals to better receive from God during meditation, study, and prayer. The worship songs and music style are devotional in focus.

This prayer format is designed to be intimately focused upon Jesus, through adoration, prophetic worship, and bridal intimacy, so that we may sit at the feet of Jesus as Mary of Bethany did.

Apostolic & Prophetic Intercession

Cevenne Conference France 2014

The goal for this prayer format is to receive through prophetic revelation the intercession themes from the Holy Spirit. The prayers of the Apostles in Scripture are used as guidelines for outward intercession to the nations of the world. This revelation marries the apostolic and the prophetic to accomplish God’s work in the world.

Worship With The Word

Intercessors worshipping

This prayer format is designed as a way to ingest scripture and learn theology as a sort of singing seminary. The passages are usually sung through in large portions, instead of focusing on a theme as in ‘apostolic/prophetic intercession’ or ‘bridal intimacy worship’. The worship teams will discover new passages that they will enjoy singing many times in the future.

Healing Room Watch

Chad’s Night of Worship

This watch is a time of intercession and soaking prayer for those attending the healing room for their specific needs. The worship is comfort, healing, and deliverance focused.

Alone But Not Alone

Silent Watch

Complete silence is observed throughout the house of prayer to encourage listening to the “still small voice” of the Lord that we may “be still and know that He is God”.

Teaching Times

Occasional classes, staff meetings, and teachings will be offered.

(Deliverance will be offered by appointment as well).

Artist Watch

This watch gives freedom of expression in dance, art, poetry and various other forms of artistry.

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