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Merry Christmas everyone!

This year I am reminded of how much our Lord actually gave up to come down to earth for us.  He is the incarnate One ~ the One Who became flesh, Who was Other Than flesh ~ the One True God of all there ever was, or is or is to come.  He is the Divine Lord of all creation and of all that ever will be. He saw our incompleteness and brought His completeness to us.  We could not exist without Him and without Him we can never  fulfill the requirements of our Lord God, to wash away our sinfulness and our pains.

Jesus ~ came in to a vulnerable infant child, into a dark and weary world, that had not heard the voice of God for over 400 years. He did not come with fanfare, or loud parades.  He did not come as an earthly king, but as a small baby, born into original sin, as we were, that He might fulfill the promises of becoming our High Priest.  He came from paradise into our world of sin and pain and hurt and death and drought and famine.  He came for one reason only ~ to walk it out for us.  To be our propitiation, our substitutionary sacrifice, like a lamb led to the slaughter, He came silently and in humility. He came that we might be one with Him and the Father.

It is in these quiet moments that we will find our infant King Jesus. Not in the loud fun musicals but in a small family, alone and rejected from all, a small couple who have stood against slander and mocking and shunning from all those in their village and surrounding areas.  It is in this time and season that He chose to be born in flesh and in this way.  It all seems so simplistic and yet, so profound.  He can be found in the lullaby of a tender mother weeping for her lost children.

Often it is in the simple quiet moments of life that we find peace , for Peace Himself has come down to earth, that we may have Him.  Yes, He came to give us salvation and blessings beyond our understanding, but it is the gift of Himself, that is the most striking miraculous gift of all the ages, and all those to come.

Christ the Messiah, the Only One True God ~ His Royal Majesty, The Mighty God ~ decided even before we had sinned in the garden ~ to come to earth in the form of a an innocent baby, to experience our lives, to relate to our hurts, to let us know that He cares for us deeply and is willing to even come down from His High Throne to and be with us.  To declare to the world ~ we are not alone.

It is not as if He came as a full-grown man, as a conquering king, but as a baby, a simply beautiful, vulnerable baby.  He must have trusted us a lot to entrust us with His child/Himself in vulnerability and humility.  We, in our humanness could have killed him, by accident, or on purpose, which we did later in His life.  Herod certainly tried, by ordering all the babies under age 2 killed, in an attempt to kill this new king prophesied about.


Even as a vulnerable infant, He is so much more than we will ever really be able to comprehend.  He is God!

So this Christmas, what part of the Infant narrative do you relate to the most?

As a young woman I related to being a new mother and holding my precious gifts from God and rocking them and singing ‘Silent Night’ over them, tenderly.  Some of the sweetest moments of my life, that I will cherish forever.

This year, I seem to relate the most to Father God, I have given my child, and my grand child to what I would consider a dark and scary world.  They have chosen to follow another and to fellowship with others, and to leave me alone and rejected.   I grieve the loss and the separation disunity brings.  I must let go of those I have cherished and loved the most,  for a greater good, that I can barely see right now.  (I am not God, after all.)

I yearn to be the one that holds my new infant son, and yet I must entrust him to a young couple whom I have no influence over and whom may do him harm, but my trust is in the greater plan God has for us all and not in my fears or worries.  I sit here alone longing for my son and yet he has been born into another family.  Like Father God I am extremely excited about this new birth and yet left alone without Him. 

My faith and my trust in Father God’s love for my little helpless grand-son, is what keeps me alive inside and sane.  I know that God has not fallen off of His throne and though it all looks hopeless, like in Biblical times, God has a plan.

Before the foundation of the world, God thought of you and I.  He gave of His beautiful a baby boy to a sinful and dark world ~ for you.  It is hard to comprehend,  just how miraculous this plan was and still continues to be.   How can a little baby being born in a stable to a young ostracized couple make a difference or win the world, at all.

It is not what happened, necessarily, though we remember and worship at this season His incarnation, 

But, it is WHO happened.

God Himself, came down to earth and took on human flesh that we might be intimately connected to Him forever and for all eternity.  He did not go back to just being God when He rose from the dead. He is and will be forever Fully God and Fully Human.  He is human forever as well as being Divine God.

He still loves to be sung to tenderly while being held by those who love Him, in their arms.  Don’t we all love to be held in love and comforted by those who love us.

Love Him, worship Him, the only reason for the season,  this year!

He is the child Jesus ~ the incarnate One ~ Who came for you and me.

Merry Christmas, 


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