Paul Revere Prophecy

I received this on Sept 28th, 2022. I was watching YouTube and was impressed by the Lord to turn it off and listen. I heard these words. I am still pondering them…if you receive any revelation please share it with me. (Honestly, I just sat there and cried,…I don’t care what Holy Spirit says, I am just so very grateful, that He will speak to me…tears,…I am lovesick for His presence and anointing. I cannot live without Him.)

Paul Revere Prophecy:

“Listen my daughter and you shall hear the sound of the rider named Paul Revere. 

He is coming and he is calling ~ Watch out! Watch out ~ for the British are coming! 

One if by land and two if by sea, look to the bell tower, look to Me. 

The lighthouse which reflects over the Sea  ~ will show you the path of righteousness to Me. 

Listen my daughter and you shall hear the sound of the rider coming near. 

The horse’s hooves as they beat the ground ~ riding ~ riding ~ riding  ~hear the sound. 

Listen and look and see and hear ~ that I AM drawing near. 

I am bringing victory for you, victory for all who seek Me and are true. 

Listen, My daughter ~ listen and hear ~ clarity is coming to you, clarity and revelation knowledge and wisdom that I am sending to you ~ that you may see the path that I have chosen.  

Clearly, you shall see clearly~ Clearly, you shall hear. There shall be light upon the path ~ go this way, don’t go here. 

Clearly, you shall hear, listen to My voice ~ Listen to My voice ~ I will speak to you. 

I will show you, I will draw near. 

Listen my daughter and you shall see ~ the place I am bringing you to be.

I have not forgotten thee ~  nor shall I ever forsake thee. 

I have honed you in the fires of affliction. I have lifted you up out of the ashes and the dust of your life. I will dust you off and heal you. I will raise you up and anoint you, for you are Mine, My beloved child. You are Mine and My desire is for you. 

Lift up your voice and let Me hear your voice ~ for Lo’, the winter has passed and the spring time has come ~ and I long to hear your voice My turtle dove. 

Listen, listen and you shall hear ~ the sound of the rider drawing near. 

The rider crying out, crying out for America. 

The hooves on the road ~ Echoing ~  Thumping ~ Stomping, . . . 

Feel the wind in your face and jump on My back and ride with Me at a breakneck speed. 

When the Wind is in your face and His tail is straight out behind you ~ riding with Me on My horse ~ on the Spirit ~  on the winds~ on the winds of time ~ on the winds of the times ~ hear the hooves ~ hear the hoofbeats ~ hear the stomping ~ see clearly ~ see with the eyes of My Spirit ~ as I pick you up and take you forward at a quick and breakneck speed. 

Listen my daughter and you shall hear ~ the rider like Paul Revere drawing near ~ drawing near ~ drawing near.”


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