Jubileigh – 2

“The Monster Within”

Most of the time I am happy,
Most of the time I am at peace,
But every now and then
I can feel the monster within.

This monster is full of anger
This monster is full of pain
This monster lashes out
And I become afraid.

When the world cannot see this monster
He is not silent inside
I can hear his growling voice in me
Forever tormenting and entangling
I am never enough and always too much
I can never win yet I win too much
I am a control freak yet I never step up
I am too quiet but I talk too much
I’m wrong if I do and I’m wrong if I don’t
Ongoing is his endless stream of tortuous lies.

Who is this monster so old
Born from the pain of generations untold?
Who is this tormenting beast
Who traps me in anger and fear and will never release?
Who is this monster, so afraid of love
Yet it is the one thing he desires more than the heavens above?
This monster inside of me
Is undoubtedly insecurity.

October 7, 2006

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