Jubileigh – 5

Through the Lattice

On the outside looking in,
I remember days long passed
Days of when I was apart,
I was one of them.
Selfishly we lived our little lives,
Categorizing and organizing,
We placed all of our world
Into cognitive little boxes,
Including ourselves.
We were drowning in a false sense of happiness
Believing ourselves free
All the while being caged.
But I heard the whisper through the lattice
Calling me away, showing me the gate.
So I answered and I obeyed.

Leaving behind the world I knew,
With Him I discovered mountain high and oceans blue.
I returned to my friends in the cage,
Calling them to come, come away.
But they would not.
They think me crazy and insane
They do not see the lattice and their cage.
They invite me to be with them,
But I can never go back.
For I have danced upon the mountain tops
And bathed in cool, clear streams.
In His arms I found real freedom
In His eyes I see true love.
No, I can never go back.
I can never again live the life
Of empty religiosity
And shallow mediocrity.
So I will call to them through the lattice
Continually call them higher, calling them away.
This is not my message but His.
I live in their world but I am not a citizen
I am included yet excluded; apart yet set apart.
This is my call.
This is where I stay,
On the outside looking in.


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