Jubileigh – 3


I feel a thundering in my soul
I hear a ripping in the fabric of time
Who is this coming up on our holy mountain?
It is Him! He is coming!
My Beloved.

I run with everything in me towards my love
Barely breathing, barely believing.
My heart is beating wildly
He is at the east gate now
I leap with all my might into His outstretched arms;
He catches me up in His wonderful embrace

I hold on to Him and begin to weep
I weep all the emotions that no words could ever express
All the rejection and abandonment and emptiness I have felt in His absence
I weep the sweet release of joy and peace and comfort at His return
I bury my tear soaked face into his garments
Like a child holds onto a faithful teddy bear when they are frightened
Burying their face into the soft worn fur of their faithful friend
So I hold on to my beloved

Here is where I belong
Here is my eternity
Here is my ecstasy
Here in His arms
We are one.

January 8, 2004

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