Local Prayer

Healings and Miracles Needed:

Julie – Fibro-Myalgia,  IBS, &Migraines 

Liam, Collin, & Kinsley  – 3 kids with Autism in one family

Chuck – Diabetes, kidney healing

Joe – Agoraphobia and anxiety

Joseph – Lower back, feet, & hands in pain daily

Cyndi –  peripheral neuropathy

Cheryl – knees – in extreme pain

Lisa – son died of suicide 

Finances & Direction:

Cyndi – income and direction of where to move – running 6 businesses and 1 ministry – “help me Jesus!”

Davita – need provision 


NO Mardi Gras – protection from evil attacks over the region

Christian Unity – no false doctrines, no territorialism

Crime to go down in Monroe/West Monroe


Exodus Cry – Kansas City – Ministry against Sexual Trafficking

IHOP-KC – 24/7 prayer room ministry

Love Dallas 24/7 – 24/7 Evangelism, Worship & Prayer

Just One City & Messenger Boot Camp = Evangelism

Beverly Froman in Dallas – Intercessor Extraordinaire 

Rob Heisler’s Ministry – ‘The River of His Presence Ministries’

Dr. Charles Karuku & Sean Feucht – Traveling Revivalist – Unity Rallies in USA

Mission Trips This Year:

Prayer for specific direction and funding for Cyndi & Community

Mission trip to Ireland – Cyndi – still awaiting funds to go for 6 weeks minimum

Beverly Froman (on team: Cyndi Kennedy – interceding for USA at courthouses all over in 2021, 2022

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