Chuck Pierce at Antioch Family Church , Baton Rouge, April 27-28, 2006
God is delivering the church in Louisiana from a deep root of trauma. It’s important how this is processed concerning New Orleans because it will af- fect the way we see the entire nation, the people groups in our nation, and the next trauma that comes into this nation, the way we process it.
*We will not be able to rebuild the Coast or New Orleans the way it was. We’ve got this big window over us that says we’re going to rebuild His way. “Don’t just try to rebuild something that was and fall back into the same pat- tern because if you do somebody needs to warn you, if you go back and re- build all that gambling, corrupt structure…if you try to rebuild it the way it
was it’s going to be seven times worse.”
*Louisiana is the mouth of this nation. Chuck saw angels with hot coals touching the mouth of the Mississippi. This is what’s going to happen in New Orleans. God is dispatching angels with hot coals to melt some things fully until the plan of God is in place to secure the entryway in and the expression of what He’s doing from this state.
*We will see things happen until the plan of God comes in place because His plan over this state is very important right now.
*He is breaking old cycles in the earth realm in this region.
*He is not dealing with the wind and the waves this year but with us individually and corpo- rately which affects our territory.
*Because of fatherlessness in this region, we must have three godly generations decreeing the same thing. Fatherlessness results in lawlessness which is the real danger in New Orleans. This is an antichrist system and the root there has to be pulled up.
*Chuck prayed that we would hear His voice in a new way in this land and that the Lord would begin to speak in ways we’ve never heard Him before—waking up in the middle of the night with dreams, visions, hearing.
*Louisiana has entered a time of mending so that we can begin. We must mend those things for which we are responsible—we’re not waiting on God, He is waiting on us. If we heed this we will break into a whole new dimension that God has for us. There are some things He’s waiting on to come into alignment, and when we get them mended all of a sudden we will see the accel- eration of His purpose through this state.
*”Get mended so I can show you the method for the future for success and I can reveal your call for the future.”
*”I saw Him taking that hot coal and just putting it all along the coast down there around the mouth of the Mississippi. That’s also when Isaiah’s call was initiated for the future. The call for this people in this state is being initiated right now. You’ve been through a hard year, a dif- ficult, difficult year, one that our nation has not seen in a hundred plus years. But your call is tremendous for the future. Now hear me. Your influence is tremendous for the future as a peo- ple, as overcomers.”
*The trauma that we have been through puts us on the frontline of healing, but it will depend on us processing it correctly.
*God wants to deliver us out of trauma and set us free so we can discern and develop a new au- thority to change the atmosphere so that the next storm doesn’t wipe us out.
*God is breaking a spirit of failure off this state and off this people.
*He is going to start sending people who realign things, who see things, who are not confused, who know how to set the order, who don’t try to live in what was, but begin to optimize their resources so they can live in what is to come.
*God had us decree that a spirit of infirmity linked with trauma would leave the land. We must cry out for healing and start practicing and preaching on healing all through this area.
*Through this trauma we are contending for the land at the mouth of the Mississippi. Satan always comes in the midst of this situation to create major strongholds.
*It will take an incredible prayer effort on New Orleans, a siege to break what’s there.
*Regarding the lawlessness in New Orleans—lawlessness is an apostolic devilish structure and it craves taking over a territory. If you don’t deal with it in that area it will eventually take over Baton Rouge. It will take over the whole state and the whole Gulf. And the structure of corrup- tion that will breed from it will begin to affect the very mouth of our nation.
*Proper foundation of church government with apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evan- gelists keeps headship of Satan broken. If one of these gifts is negated and not allowed to ma- ture in the region, the headship of Satan will come back and begin to rule that territory.
*Baton Rouge is a refuge city or outpost. From this outpost, which is a governmental outpost, we can come and gain strategy and then move in to restore the land.
*The Lord wants to release His name, His word, and His character through us to breathe into and control the atmosphere over this region—speaking and forming the plan of heaven in the atmosphere.
*We must come alongside apostolic authority in New Orleans to help them unravel the false and demonic apostolic power grid over that city.
*There is an occult structure in LA/New Orleans that is one of the strongest in the earth realm. We must back up to our outpost, let God show us the reality of what’s happening, and go in and hit it time after time. We must stay on the offensive, get God’s strategy, and find His redemp- tive plan that Satan is trying to control and hold.
*In the next two years the racial thing will try to contend to hold in place old mindsets, but we’re not to buy in to it. This has an anti-Semitic root and it will try to dominate and stir up real confusion. God’s people will rise up in mass and say, wait a minute that’s so from hell, we renounce it, we stand against it, and we publicly will not allow it.
*We must worship in a new fresh way for the anointing to start permeating the atmosphere and break trauma and release healing and wholeness. Worship is our key strategy so we will need to have some worship gatherings to change the atmosphere, not just prayer meetings, but wor- ship gatherings where we blend the culture of the area. New Orleans is known for its sound. We must bring in the sound of the Lord for 24 hours or even a night of worship for 3 hours.
*Decree that the seeds we’ve sown in the past will manifest. Don’t forget the angels and don’t run off the angels either. Decree healing will burst forth into the situation.
*Trauma causes us to seek truth and revelation begins to flow in the midst of the trauma. God wants us to become the most revelatory place on the earth where the glory is flowing. The ab- sence of the glory means a curse is intact. If you can’t sense the presence of God there’s a curse or iniquity planted in the ground. This season in Louisiana is about heaven penetrating the earth so that the iniquities let go and expose themselves.
*Decree Psalm 103:1-5 over ourselves and over our region-breathe these words out into the at- mosphere wherever we go and declare the atmosphere is changing, the web of iniquity is break- ing, and the veil of death is ripping off of us.

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