Foundational Teachings

We at Love’s Messenger Ministries are a community of voluntary, lovesick worshippers of Jesus, dedicated to seek the Lord Jesus through worship, prophetic intercession, and fasting. This is a gathering where a passion for God, a calling for intercession, and a heart for worship meet with one voice.

We provide various teachings and ministry to the sick, broken and disheartened of the world through prophetic soaking prayer, inner healing, and deliverance.

All ministries take the form of Bridal Intimacy in 24/7 Worship & Prayer. Our purpose toward the Lord Jesus is “to know Him and to make Him known.”

The term ‘Bridal Intimacy’ is a scriptural analogy of the Bridegroom God Jesus and the body of Christ as His bride communing together in love and adoration. It is the way the Lord Jesus has chosen to reveal Himself during these last days – as the Bridegroom God returning for His Bride.

As we wait before Him in adoration and submission, the Lord reveals Himself to His prophets in visions, dreams, prophecies, and the like, to communicate His great love for His people. Becoming one with the Lord Jesus as He is one with the Father in heaven is a Christian’s highest goal and privilege. We are all blessed with the freedom to seek Him and to know Him as we are known and then to declare Him to a dark and dying world. He is our Bridegroom God and we are His people in the earth – becoming, adoring, transforming and conforming to Him.

In Acts 15:13-18 James declares that God will rebuild the ‘Tabernacle of David’ quoting Amos chapter 9. Though we are not trying to literally rebuild an Old Testament Tabernacle we do believe that the Lord has some special keys He is giving out to His body through this analogy.

One, the Lord gives us the ‘Keys of David’ as we learn to worship Him in 24/7 – Night & Day Fasting and Prayer – He reveals Himself to His priests who stand before Him in holiness and dedication. In beholding Him we are transformed into His marvelous light.

Two, we must ask ourselves why did the Lord say He wanted to bring back this Tabernacle and not the one of Moses or Solomon’s temple? We believe it was because in David’s Tabernacle the priests stood before the ‘Arc of the Covenant’ and the Lord’s glory face to face – there was no veil of separation. And so we as people of the ‘New Covenant’ can “come boldly to His throne of Grace in our hour of need” – as His children we can stand before our Beloved Jesus face to face and live – because of His great love and His precious blood – we are made new in Him.

And finally, we seek to worship God in ‘Night & Day’ worship and prayer because the scriptures tell us that when ‘Night & Day’ prayer take place, the region is transformed by His continual Presence and His Power. We intercede for our region and the needs of the world because we love Him and He loves His world and the people in it. We seek to transform society by contending for the power of God to come and make all things new and holy.(Luke 18:7-8)

If you look back in history, you will see that there is an irrefutable law where revival (justice) is released with breakthrough power whenever night and day pray is offered. Below are some examples of God releasing His power when night and day prayer was being offered up.

Bangor, Ireland, in 555 A.D., under the leadership of Comgall and Columbanus. Night and day worship continued for over 300 years resulting in the thrusting forth of missionaries with apostolic power that touched all of Europe.

Clairvaux, France – in 1120 A.D., Bernard and 700 monks gathered in Clairvaux (the valley of light) to pray. This continued 24 hours a day for many years resulting in a dynamic release of evangelism through signs and wonders across Europe.

Herrnhut, Germany, in 1727 A.D., the Moravians under the leadership of Count Zinzendorf. Night and day intercession continued for over 120 years resulting in the thrusting forth of missionaries with apostolic power that touched many nations.

Seoul, Korea, over the last 40 years, under the leadership of David Yonggi Cho. Night and day prayer has been going for over 30 years.

24/7 Houses of Prayer are being raised up all over the world in many different places with varying styles but with the same vision and in the same Spirit. God loves to move through the prayers of His people.

This is a style of ‘Intercessory Worship’ patterned after the worship in heaven revealed in Revelation 5:8, where the harp represents the worship and the bowl represents the prayers of the saints rising up to God. In this marriage of worship and prayer, where love songs continually going up before the throne of God, the presence of the Lord is evident.

It is an integral part of enjoying 24/7 prayer. Worshipping the Lord as we intercede makes a lifestyle of Night & Day Prayer possible and enjoyable. As ‘Harp-n-Bowl’ worship & prayer rise up in prayer rooms all over the globe the Lord is glorified and He dispatches His angels to bring about the work of His Kingdom in the earth.

This type of prayer is sustainable and does not burn one out as just getting together to pray for long periods of time, which can be exhausting in the first 15 minutes. Worship lifts one’s spirit to heaven and the Lord carries you up to Himself. In the presence of the Lord all things are possible and become clearly known.

As believers who come together in community to seek the Lord’s face we must also be holy before Him and a witness to the world of holiness unto the Lord. We have all committed to live lives worthy of our calling in something we call the ‘Fasted Lifestyle’.

Consequently we believe in a corporate and personal expressions of our dedication to the Lord. We teach the difference between the clean and the unclean, the holy and the unholy as scripture reveals these things to us. We attempt to live lives of regular fasting and prayer as well as continually living before the Lord in holiness.

This takes many forms and each one is personally accountable to seek the Lord for their own personal rhythm in a holy lifestyle. This being said; there are some things that we as a community strive to uphold – being moderate with alcohol and drug free – not watching movies and TV shows that have bad or lude content – Watching what we speak, i.e.: No cursing or fighting or gossiping – letting all we do and how we celebrate be as unto the Lord – worshipping Him not only with our lips but with our lives as well.

The Lord has revealed Himself to us as Lord and Head of His own body and that we all have differing callings and functions but that no one person or group of people are to Lord it over other believers as their authority. This being said; we as a community of believers seek to find consensus in the way we serve the Lord and others. This means we will all agree which way the Lord is leading our community and we will all go together, in Christian love, into our glorious future.

Of course their are leaders and followers in the body of Christ, and some have more vocal and up-front giftings, but no one gift is more important than another. We must seek to be loving, forgiving, and humble in all we attempt to do as Christians. This is primary and of the ultimate importance to be a healthy branch of our Lord’s body in the earth.

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