Cyndi Kennedy – 3

At the end of the worship watch, Jennifer stayed and played alone, and yet not alone.  The Lord came and inhabited her worship in His beautiful prophetic ‘Jenny’s song’ as I like to call it.  The worship flows so sweetly and so melodically like angels have entered the room ~ oh such sweet anointing.  Earlier she said she saw 4 or 5 little dancing lights as she was worshipping with the team.  They were dancing all around her music like fireflies.  She thought at first they must be a reflection off of something shiny so she looked around at all the things in the room and checked out her shirt too, but nothing was making the dancing lights.  Then she thought she would reach out to try and touch them and as she put out her hand to try and play with them they flew off and disappeared.  Cool!  I guess we can chalk that one up to another ‘Wonder’ of the Lord’s.
Cyndi’s journal (July 13, 2005)

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