Cyndi Kennedy – 1

CyndiOne day, I was working with an Air Conditioner/Heating Specialist at LaHOP and as we walked through the hall together discussing what needed to be done to the duct work, he said out loud ~ “What?”
I said; “I didn’t say anything.” He asked me; “Are you sure?”
I said; “yes, I was sure.”
Then a few minutes later, he turned to me again and asked; “What?”
I said, again, “I did not say anything.”
Then he told me he distinctly heard his name called out loud.
Upon which I replied; “OH!” That must have been the Lord.”
He said; “But I don’t believe in God, I’m an atheist. (With a disgruntled look upon his face.)
I then said: “Well it looks like He believes in You.”
True story,

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