Cyndi Kennedy – 4

(Cyndi’s journal – Sept. 2011)
…the wonderful message the Lord gave to Jennifer.  Keep in mind that she wasn’t even aware of the Hurricane warnings about ‘Katrina’ hitting the gulf coast.

Sweet Jenny was just driving home from work the day of the hurricane, and it was raining, and she kept hearing this song in her spirit, a voice like the radio, a very clear voice saying:

“There’s a storm a brewin!”, and then she turns around and she sees a vision of this ol’ man, on the dock of a port, by the ocean, an old sailor in His 70’s, and He was wearing a yellow slicker with a matching rain hat. The wind was blowing on Him really hard and He was holding His hat on and having trouble standing up.

Then He repeated;
“There’s a storm a brewin!  and added  There’s gonna be a gale! Hold on to your hats, it’s gonna be a rough ride!  Then in the vision Jenny saw herself, throwing her arms and head back and leaning into the wind.  And then she came out of the vision and heard this song in her spirit over & over all the way home.

Wind Before the Storm
Am      Dm                 Am        E
When the wind before the storm is brewing
Am      Dm                 Am                  E
Gailing and it’s moving … moving
Am          Dm    Am  E                            F           G                   Am
You will find I am home in the wind before the storm.
Am Dm     Am  E
When the earth’s fury is released
Am           Dm              Am         E
You will find that I’m at peace
Am   Dm      Am                                E
For I’m being made-new and formed
F              G                 Am
In the wind before the storm.

(The Lord gave me (Jenny) this on the way home from work one evening; it’s a discernment of the times we are in, in revelation to the judgments of God/ outpouring of God.)

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