Cyndi Kennedy – 5

(From the journals of CC ~ Nov.2005)

“… then we started our first 24 hr. period of uninterrupted Night & Day Prayer at LaHOP!  We came with great expectations because the Lord had put on our hearts that He was really excited about it.  And over the whole time He came and visited with us beautifully.
Some of the highlights started about midnight to one o’clock.  Julie, Josh, Brian and myself were there.  And Jason Upton was on the cd player ~ when all of a sudden we heard a woman wailing.  It was an eirey sound, like someone in deep grief and it was in the background. At first I thought it was one of the girls and someone had fallen in the carport and had gotten hurt, so I went outside to see.  There was no one there. So I walked all around and looked for someone ~ nobody.  Then I came in and asked everyone if they heard that wailing ~ and they said yes, ~ what is that. So we all went around the house and looked in all the rooms ~ no one.  Then we thought it must be someone on the cd, so we turned the cd down and we still heard it.
Josh said he didn’t know who it was but it was freakin’ him out and it sent shivers up his and my spine as well.  So we thought we would change the cd to see if that was it.  Then it stopped ~ for a while. (Earlier I felt led to pray for all the prostitutes in the area ~ and that’s when I heard the wailing start.)

Julie and Josh worshipped together for a watch and we all heard a man’s voice singing with them.  I thought it was Brian, but later I realized it couldn’t be because he had laryngitis and could barely talk.

Around 2:00 am ~ I was alone in the house and the Lord wanted me to play my harp for Him.  So I got it and just sat down on the couch and played and sang freeform, like David with his sheep.  I remember being so lovesick that I just stared crying and singing from a deep place in my heart.
I told the Lord that I adored Him, …. And that I knew that I was here in this place during this time period but that He wasn’t limited to time and space ~ and I implored Him to just come and be with me awhile.  I sang about; wanting Him, and adoring Him, and even now ~ since I was here in time ~ I knew that one day we would be together for all time ~  One ~ In Union together ~and that now in this little place ~ this very gracious cave He had given me ~ I wanted Him to know that I adored Him, even here when I was separated from Him by time and space ~ I was His . . .

 I heard the door open and I heard footsteps coming down the hall, but no one came into the room. Then, as I sang, I had a vision of my Beloved Jeshua coming and sitting next to me on the couch. He was wearing a white robe, a simple one like I would imagine He wore when He was on earth, and He had shoulder-length dark brown hair.  I caressed Him and brushed His hair around the right side of His face and just adored Him, . . .
He wasn’t saying anything, He was just listening and being with me.  My Peace ~ my Love.

After a while, Jenny came in to do the 3:00 to 4:00 am watch.  I had stayed later than I had signed up for because I didn’t want to leave and I knew it was going to be great with Jenny worshipping. (I had already been there since noon ~ fasting and praying ~ 15 hrs.)  So I stayed awhile & then I just had to go get some sleep.
As I waited I kept hearing the front door open and close ~ 2 or 3 different times ~ I even got up to see if Josh or someone had come back.  I felt it was a man’s presence.  But no one was there ~ to my eyes.  And the next day Jenny said she heard this man’s voice singing with her on and off all during her watch.

The next day when I came back to the house many had stories and the anointing was all over me ~ I was floating off and shaking all over.  Jenny shared about the man’s voice and I said that I really loved her heart last night as she sang about God’s unfailing love for His people.  We were reminded of the children’s book “I’ll love you forever” and how it was the heart of God, that no matter how far we roamed He was faithful and would come after us.  She read the story to us for our devotional and we finished with communion as we had started.

Rick shared about his early morning watch and WOW!  He said, he was here by 4:00 am to take over for Jenny and he was ready & picked out a few songs, then felt led to just worship with cd’s awhile ~ after Afterward he played a few songs ~ and then more CDs.  Then no one came to relieve him at 6:00 ~ so he believed the Lord told him Brian was sick and for him to just stay and do the watch for him.
Well the Lord told Rick to play his guitar and so he started to get up on the stool and plug into the sound system.  When the Lord told him not to plug in but just dance and play with him free form, so Rick did.  Then he got caught up in worshipping the Lord just instrumentally and all of a sudden he started laughing and this marvelous freedom came into his spirit and he heard the sound of the Lord playing the flute with him.
It was the beautiful flute sounds of a Celtic wooden flute, a happy flute-like we have heard once or twice before.  Rick and the Lord laughed and played together all over the house and had a sort of Holy Ghost parade.  How marvelous!
The best part was to see Rick’s face as he told the story of his experience all alone in the LaHOP with the Lord.  He looked so free, so alive, truly the Rick I have always known was inside of him.  This is the Rick I have so long prayed for ~ the Rick I knew to be his true Spirit-led self ~ the beauty of God coming out onto his face in unashamed abandoned worship ~ I wept and wept at the fulfillment of 26 years of prayer right before my eyes.  My Beloveds coming together right before my face ~ here on earth before we all enter into eternity.  My heart rejoices in God my Savior ~ for He has done great things and He has looked down upon His handmaiden with favor tonight, and His Name will be exalted forever.

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