LAHOP Garden

During my second year at LaHOP, I was doing my “Keep me humble” job, gardening in the front yard. A lady stopped by on the street and asked if she could have some of my flower seeds, she just loved this garden.
I said yes of course come on over. She had thought that I lived at LaHOP but when I told her it was a public prayer house her mouth fell wide open.
She asked; “Did you say this was a House of Prayer?”
Yes, I replied and asked if she would like to come in and look around. She did.
Then as she stood eyes wide open and mouth agape, she said to me; “I just have to tell you something.”
“Yes?” I said.
“You see, I drive by here every day to and from my way to work. I am a Home Health Nurse and I work just down the street. I have been trying to quit smoking for years but I just can’t seem to do it. Then, one day I drove by this block and I just couldn’t smoke anymore while I was driving by, this particular house. I knew it was something about this house, but I had no idea why.
Now, I have been completely free from cigarettes of any kind for over a month and I know it is because of what is in this house. There is something about this house! I didn’t know it was a Prayer House!

I said: “Yes, we have been here for over a year now, and we are praying for the whole region and we believe that the worship will flow out of this little house and into all the town. I am so excited to have met you, for now I know the worship is being felt at least one block away. Giggle.
Our God is able!

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