Jacob Phillips

Jacob & Charlene Phillips

Here is one of the Words I shared at the Spirit of Revival meeting last weekend.
There is coming a revival to the Twin Cities. The Lord says, I have heard the cries of the remnant. I am fixing to answer those cries by delivering the people from their bondage. 
I am going to break the curse of poverty. People that have suffered from mental illnesses for years will be instantly set free. People with terminal illnesses will be set free immediately. I am coming to heal. 
This move will be so strong that prisoners will be set free literally and figuratively. 
HEAR ME NOW says the Lord, 
My plans for the Twin Cities are about to unfold. The naysayers will criticize, the scoffers will scoff, but even they will be silenced, baffled, and dumbfounded by what they will see. 
Get yourselves ready Twin Cities because I am on the MOVE!

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