The Army Has Already Been Sent

I post this prophetic word in the fear of the Lord. I pondered it for 2 months before I felt I could post it.

May the Lord protect you and cover you with His grace as you read and share it.

It is a personal letter to me but it is also for the whole body of Christ.

I woke up this morning hearing from the Lord: “Just wait and see what I’m gonna do!”

(in an air of excitement, not, don’t do anything…)

“ I AM here My love. Be at peace. All is well with Me. I AM not upset or angry with you during this season of your life. I see all and I hear all that is being said behind the scenes. You have forgotten that I told you, you are being betrayed; again!

But there is no need to fear. I have your back. I AM that I AM and no one touches My anointed, My beloved, and does not incur My wrath and My recompense. You can plan on it.

I AM that I AM – the Father of ALL fathers. The One who is, and was, and is to come. I created all that is seen and unseen. There is nothing that is hidden from Me.

No one gets away with any injustice. I am patient and long-suffering it is true, and I do not wish for any man to perish, but I will not relent. I will not tarry forever. I will not put up with man forever. I will not strive with man forever. (Gen 6:3)

Hear me when I say this – Heed my words.

It IS a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.

My hand has not been shortened that I cannot deal with the wicked and the unjust – now in this time – now in this season.

I WILL and I DO!

You need not fear, My love, the terror by day, nor the sword by night, for I walk with you. I go with you.

(Psalm 91, Exodus 33)

You are My beloved one, in whom I AM well pleased.

Yes, wicked men seek to destroy your life, but you are safe with and in Me. (Psalm 31:20)

Though a thousand may fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand, it shall not come near you. You shall only look and see the destruction of the wicked as they fall around you.


Do not fret or worry, My love, I AM taking care of all of this for you. I see what they have done in secret to destroy your life.

They are full of piss and vinegar. They are full of dead men’s bones, dried up corpses rotting in the sun, with no one to mourn them or grieve their loss. Fate has brought them to their end and it is full of bitter dregs and sour grapes.

The beautiful life I had planned for them has been forfeited and now a plague and a famine shall overtake them.

Their bowels will rot in extreme pain and their brittle bones shall break. I will send a sickness upon their minds that cannot be cured, and their finances will dry up like hot sand in the desert; endless sands of worthless land and value.

I do not have to destroy their relationships for they have done that on their own with their selfish ways and evil narcissistic desires.

They will beg me, like a man begging for water in a desert, but I will not bring them relief , only judgment.

Be assured. My ways are Holy!

My ways are past finding out and too high for man to comprehend.

These are days of My judgment and My wrath upon the wicked.

I have heard My children’s cries.

I have overheard their conversations.

Only pray for the innocent ones who have followed wicked leaders for my face has been set like a flint and I will not relent in my wisdom and judgments.

All will see and All will know that I AM the Lord.

Others will mock you and put you out of there places of business, but all these things and more must come to pass that My judgments may come forth.

Do not look to the right or the left but look up – for you redemption draws near.

Look up I say – Look up!

Look up to your Heavenly Father Who rises from His Throne at the appointed hour to call forth His angels, to rally His heavenly host, for the battle of the ages.

Look up!

For your salvation draws near.

All will see and All will know that I AM the Lord and there is no other.

Be at peace My love, I come and I come quickly to rescue those that I love. I will not tarry any longer.

My children, my children’s children cry out to Me day and night, all over the world for help – for justice to prevail.

Even their hope in the once proud United States to come and rescue them has been stolen from them.

They’re only hope is for miracles.

They suffer greatly at the hands of wicked and evil men and women.


I WILL avenge My faithful ones.

A GREAT HARVEST of souls is on the way.

Prepare for training, gathering in, and mothering/fathering these children. They are lost and forgotten, untrained, unloved, left to their own devices, and floundering.

Teach them to love each other.

Teach them to love Me.

Show them My Ways and tell them I love them and have a great purpose and plans for each one of them.

Set up schools of love and family. Set up home groups for fellowship and fun. Bring light into their darkness and love into their pain.

All over the world I have called you to go – travel to all those places to bring love and light – joy and gladness – to be My Messenger of Love.

My dear, My darling one, My precious angel, I adore you. No matter what life has thrown at you, you respond in love, and forgiveness, and in Hope.

Hope, (my old dog) sends her greetings and prays for you daily.

Mokee (my rescue dog) says: “Go get em’ mama, like you came and got me and saved me from neglect and pain and hurt. You calmed the storms in my heart and I pray for you that your faith will not fail!”

They both send their love to you, My dear, as do I.

Yes – life is real here in paradise – My ears have not been deaf to the pains and the constant cries for help that come up to Me – from all over the world. The scales are tipped. The balances are not even.

There must be a JUST weight.

I AM balancing My scales of justice, I AM doing it – I WILL do it. It is SOON.

Yes, My beloved children, prepare your hearts, learn of Me and My Ways, prepare for the flood of souls to love and pastor.

I cry out:



for I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will pour out judgment on whom I will.

I AM that I AM and All people will see and know that I AM the Lord.

Be at peace My beloved ones the army has already been sent.


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