Your Atmosphere is Important!


Hello, I want to speak to you today about the atmosphere that surrounds you. Most people do not understand the power of the atmosphere that they live in. But the scripture is clear our atmosphere is a making of our own doing.

The things that are unseen are the things that are eternal and the things which are seen are earthly as the Apostle Paul exhorts us.

I remember when I first read the scripture about the renewing of the mind, it actually scared me very much. It was in the 80s when I was first learning the deep things of God and I started reading my Bible a lot more.

I read the scripture about having your mind renewed and I thought; “Oh my goodness!”

Do you mean to tell me, that it’s not just my actions that can be sinful but my thoughts too?

Yes, that is exactly what God was telling me. That is exactly what God is telling everyone. Your thoughts are just as important as your actions.

Okay, let me clarify. The enemy of our souls, satan and his minions, will send fiery darts to you in the form of thoughts as well as other attacks. These thoughts are not yours unless you own them. By that I mean, you receive them into your mind in a way that you believe them and start speaking them over yourself.

That is satan‘s agenda. To whisper negative and ungodly thoughts so that you actually believe they are your thoughts, and then he has trapped you. All of a sudden, you are walking in a darkness you did not even comprehend.

The way to combat this is to ask Holy Spirit for “the discerning of spirits”.

To ask Him what have I done today that would cause me to have that thought.

Did I watch a movie that was nasty with cursing?

Did I go someplace with a bunch of people that were horrible?

Have I been dwelling on things that I shouldn’t have?

If you have not done any of those things or opened yourself up in other opportunities, where sinfulness would abound, then you can be sure that that is an attack of the enemy on your thought processes.

Bind him up and rebuke those thoughts, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

As far as the atmosphere around you; I once taught at a “Life Pregnancy Center” to the young girls in Bible study. I asked them this question:

If someone came into your kitchen and threw up on your kitchen floor, how long would you leave it there before you cleaned it up?

Would you just let it stay there, nasty and putrid, and stink up your whole house?

Would you let it lay there until it became dry and hard like a rock; So that it was just perpetually stinky when you walked in the room?

No. Of course not.

You like anybody else would clean it up immediately so that your home would not be nasty.

That’s the way it is with other things in our lives that have happened to us or things we allow in our presence.

For example: someone comes into your wonderfully beautiful, peaceful home around your children and they are smoking a cigarette, and out of the mouth comes curse word after curse word. It leaves everyone feeling defiled and putrid just like someone threw up on you. That’s because they did.

They verbally threw up on you and your home.

How do you cleanse your home?

The first thing you need to do is to be bold, but kind, and ask that person not to speak that way in your home. Even if you need to ask them to leave.

You have the right to protect your own space, especially around your children and family.

The second thing you should do is pray.

Use the weapons of your warfare because we fight against principalities and powers and not flesh and blood.

Pray to apply the blood of Jesus over your home and ask Holy Spirit to cleanse it from all unrighteousness and anything that is not of God.

If this is the first time you have done this, you may want to walk through your home with Holy Spirit and some worship music playing and ask Him to show you the things in your home that are unpleasing to Him that grieve or quench the Holy Spirit.

Like Ouija boards and tarot cards, and Harry Potter, movies, and anything to do with the occult.

Perhaps you have alcohol that is unhealthy and toxic for your family or drugs. Maybe you have pornography.

These are things that all grieve and quench the Holy Spirit. These are but a few things, the list is very long.

If you need help discerning, I will be glad to help you, since I have been following Holy Spirit for over 30 years in this area.

I am not perfect, but it is always wise to take out the trash and ask for help when needed.

Ask Holy Spirit to send forth His angels to encamp around about your house and walk around quoting Psalm 91 out loud.

Not as a form of witchcraft, like using the Bible as a magic book, but as a contact point of prayer. Pray the word out loud over yourself, your family, and your home.

Then most importantly, ask Holy Spirit to come and dwell with you in your home. Ask Him to have mercy on you and teach you and help you grow in this area.

I think you will be surprised when you see that your desires start to change towards worship, towards wholesomeness, and towards happiness.

Our atmosphere is extremely important. Because God inhabits the praises of His people. Invite God to come and dwell with you and your family.

And once again stand and having done all, stand with the full armor of God on that we read about in Ephesians chapter 6.

God bless you all



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