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icyndi wisdom #58: “You can make the me

icyndi wisdom #58: "You can make the meal, but you can't make anyone eat it! You can give advice, speak truth, and wisdom and even experience but most people regretfully learn from their own mistakes. [...]

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icyndi wisdom #57: “People who listen t

icyndi wisdom #57: "People who listen to those who have gone before them are wise and will not fall in to the same traps. Those that don't listen are doomed to repeat their failures."

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icyndi wisdom #56: “Love one another.”

icyndi wisdom #56: "Love one another."

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icyndi wisdom #55: “When you feel so lo

icyndi wisdom #55: "When you feel so low you want to die ~ pray ~ rest ~ and believe ~ for Joy does come in the morning."

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icyndi wisdom #54: “Be kind and generou

icyndi wisdom #54: "Be kind and generous ~ gentle and joyful. Always be thankful to God and tell Him."

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icyndi wisdom #53: “People will hurt yo

icyndi wisdom #53: "People will hurt you and leave you out ~ love them anyway." Don't let other's abuse you or be mean to you ~ forgive and leave the situation."

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