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icyndi wisdom #64: “You can never have

icyndi wisdom #64: "You can never have too much butter, whipped cream, or sugar."

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icyndi wisdom #65: “In politics: Stand

icyndi wisdom #65: "In politics: Stand with those who proclaim and act upon righteousness and true justice. Anyone who legislates against the word of God is not good. God is the true Authority and rul [...]

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icyndi wisdom #63: “Love doesn’t divid

icyndi wisdom #63: "Love doesn't divide, it multiplies. Never be afraid of not having enough love for more people or children in your life ~ for your love will grow with each new experience."

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icyndi wisdom #62: “When you loose some

icyndi wisdom #62: "When you loose someone you love, like in a death or deep grief ~ does the pain ever go away? Not really, but the times between the sorrow become further and further apart. You will [...]

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icyndi wisdom #61: “The two biggest gif

icyndi wisdom #61: "The two biggest gifts God gives to us, for Him, are: - HUNGER - AVAILABILITY

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icyndi wisdom #60: “Those who are too p

icyndi wisdom #60: "Those who are too picky in life end up being full of worry, bitterness, offense, and resentment. Those who learn to be content in whatever circumstance they find themselves in whet [...]

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